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Nokia Cell Phones

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Own a gsm world cell phone that works in over 170 countries from just $29

Free Shipping Offers From Brooklyn Battery Works

Authentic Nokia 3310 2.4" Dual-band GSM Feature Phone (US)

Authentic Nokia X7 6.18" Octa-Core Oreo LTE Smartphone (64GB/EU)

Authentic Nokia X5 5.86" HD Octa-Core Oreo LTE Smartphone (32GB/US)

Authentic Nokia 7 Plus 6" IPS Octa-Core Oreo LTE Smartphone (64GB/US)

Nokia Lumia 430 DUAL SIM 8GB ROM Windows Smartphone - Black - $72.76

Form Color Black Model Nokia Lumia 430 DUAL Quantity 1 Set Specification Two SIM cards. Optimizing your calls is easy with the Lumia 430 Dual SIM. Simply pick the best SIM card for each of your contacts and enable call waiting or call forwarding between SIM cards. .Do more with a smartphone. The Lumia 430 Dual SIM is reliable and easy-to-use. It gets the latest software updates and it comes with the essential Microsoft services - Skype£¬ Office£¬ and OneDrive are built in and free to use. Get one today and enjoy a smartphone experience that's normally found on more expensive high-end phones. .Connect with Skype. Meet the people you love on Skype and use the front-facing camera to make them smile. The Lumia 430 Dual SIM comes with a fully-integrated Skype experience that lets you upgrade a regular phone call to a Skype video call. You can also receive a Skype call anytime and you can call a Skype contact directly from the contacts list. .The best apps. There are hundreds of thousands of apps in the store. Candy Crush Saga£¬ Minecraft£¬ and Despicable Me: Minion Rush are there. So are the essentials like Facebook£¬ WhatsApp£¬ and Twitter. Need more space for apps? Add up to 128 GB of extra storage and enjoy your apps or games directly from the SD card. Packing List 1 x Nokia Lumia 430 DUAL

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